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Victoria’s Charming Christening

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We love seeing people in their element and thinking outside the box. On this special occasion, Jo from Jo Kalivas Event Styling did just that. Facing the challenge of such a modern venue and it’s monochrome colour scheme, Jo let her creativity flow and decided on using an unconventional combination of colours to soften the overall feel…


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It’s no news to anyone that the world has an obsession with donuts. We simply can’t get enough of them! Epitomised by The Simpsons, a show many of us grew up with, Homer’s favourite food is loved by sweettooths across the globe. In fact, it’s so incredibly popular and well liked that they take many…


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If it’s only viable to have one space in your home or work environment that inspires you and helps the creative juices flow, your desk space should be it! Being around things that reflect your own personal taste or even reflect the culture of your workplace, can really assist in making the time you spend…


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It has long been a traditional element for little girls’ birthday parties to involve fantasy elements. Playing upon themes such as princesses is a fun way for the kids to get dressed up, get gorgeous snaps, and have a great day. However, unicorn obsession does not end with young girls. It’s no secret that unicorns…