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Just like everything else, style evolves, trends change and the next big thing is here. Traditions exist, but sometimes with slight tweaks here and there. Engagement rings are a perfect example of this.

Unlike older times, when the majority of engagement rings were of the same style and look, finding something unique and different is a common request from the modern day brides. Seeing a lot of women opt for less of a traditional look, or traditional with a personal touch.

We have listed some of the biggest engagement ring trends of 2017, they will leave you wishing you could do it all over again, just to pick out a new ring. For those who haven’t reached that time, look what you have to look forward too!

  1. Surprise element

Less is more couldn’t be truer for this type of ring. For those wanting a more simplistic look with a special touch that is more about a secret delight for the bride to enjoy than making an impression on others. Like this dazzling Waverly Diamon Ring.So simplistic yet, the hidden diamond-encrusted gallery adds that extra unique touch for the wearer to truly appreciate it’s beauty.


2. Angelic Halos

Halos around your traditional type of ring have been very popular in recent years. The grown popularity for the halo, thanks to it’s soft, feminine and charming touch, it adds to any ring, or simply because it allows the accent diamond or stone to appear larger than it really is. Regardless of the reason, we can see why it is such a hit, halos all around! Take a look at this magnificent cushion cut, with halo and diamonds all around. Heart eyes!


Image via: Pinterest

3. Three-stone style 

Popular amongst those who are after more of an elegant timeless piece. The three-stone ring has evolved with some new elements, such as smaller diamonds on either side with the tapered band, twisted band, or like this very classic 3 emerald stone ring the options are now endless. Some say the three stones add sentimental value, each stone representing, past, present and the future for the couple.  If you’re after something with extra glam but in an ageless form, this could be your pick!

three -stone-ring-trend-17

Image via: Gem Hunt 

4.Fine silhouettes

We have been seeing these pop up on our feeds on the reg, the ultimate classic has made a come back in a much thinner and daintier form. The thinner the band, the prettier and romantic the ring! This particular style allows for the accent diamond to really stand out and make a statement. All eyes will be on the jewel!


Image via: Natalie Marie

5. Coloured rings 

In recent times we have seen a big trend in coloured rings, whether it be yellow or rose gold bands, black or rose diamonds, these colours are here to make a pop of a statement.

coloured engagement rings

Image via (left to right):, My Jewellery Love, Brides.comDe Beers

6. Decorative Shapes

There are no boundaries when it comes to ring shapes. A surge in the pear, oval, and cushion shape is evident, with big stars such as Blake Lively and Kim Kardashian preferring these elegant and beautiful shapes over your traditional ones.

fancy shape ring-trends-17

Image via (from left to right): Christopher Reid, Trabert Goldsmiths, Hi Miss Puff, Blue Nile

7. Non Traditional 

For those brides who are looking for a distinct personal aesthetic, different from all traditions, this category is for you. Far from the traditions, these unique rings are usually customised to the individual and are one-off pieces.

non-tradiitional ring-trend- 17

Image via: Pinterest 

8. Vintage 

Vintage rings bring history and a story to the couple. A favourite among the vintage rings at the moment, are those of an art-deco nature. Who doesn’t enjoy an extra touch of history and sentiment to an already sentimental occasion?


Image via: Hello Magazine

What is your ring style, shape and colour?