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Written By India Kitty -Our Youngest Team Member, 10yrs old & super talented!
Today I would like to show you how to make these chocolate dipped goodies that you can use as party favours, snacks or to have for dessert.  party-food-ideas-chocolate-dipped-fruit What you will need;

– milk chocolate
– white chocolate
– sprinkles
– m&ms
– assorted fruits
– pretzels
Chocolate pretzels
Melt your white and milk chocolate and carefully dip your pretzels in it and top them off with sprinkles. Allow them to harden in the fridge.
Banana and peanut butter surprise
Cut two slices of banana and spread peanut butter in between them.
Dunk the banana and peanut butter in the chocolate and allow them to harden in the fridge.
Dip half of a mandarin section into melted chocolate and let them harden in the fridge.
Dunk fresh strawberries in your melted chocolate and top them off with sprinkles before placing them in the fridge.
I also tried this with kiwi fruit and even potato chips! (which are surprisingly delicious!)
You should also try dipping raspberries and popcorn!
Thanks for reading!
India blogs at The World Of India Kitty