Store Setup Info

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Welcome! Please take sometime to browse through the store settings page. The store setup is quite straight forward and you might actually end up having fun setting it up!

The pictures below contain all the necessary instructions for you to be able to setup your store quickly.

Click on “My Store” and be on your way…


Click on “Settings” next


Please note the different tabs on under settings. Whenever you see the “i” icon, you can click onto it and you’ll get information about that particular field.


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Please note that we have filled in some information under different fields. It’s a good idea that you make changes to your store settings and then go and look at your actual store (and products) to see how things are looking and how your customers will see your store.

Please note that the contact details entered by you here including your street address etc. will appear in your store under your store name,, and will be visible to your customers. If for any reason, you don’t want the address to be visible (e.g. working from home), then you might want to omit some of the details.

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We are using PayPal to receive and make payments. Please ensure that you enter your correct PayPal account email address, otherwise, your payment form OIP will end going to a wrong account.

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This section is important so please see the example below very closely. It is important to note the following:

  1. FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE: Australia-wide standard delivery charges are to be included in the price of the product. Vendors may apply extra shipping charges for heavier, larger or bulkier items.
  2. Don’t forget to enter your “Shipping Policy” and “Returns Policy” on this page. Please see the picture below for details on what information to include.
  3. If you are adding Shipping prices for heavy items, remember that Shipping prices are to be entered Exclusive of GST. GST is added to the cart at the checkout. This restriction has been imposed by the system and we are currently working to find a workaround. We’ll update the Vendors as soon as a solution is found!

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If you are managing your social pages like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc., you can enter the details here. The social icons for the completed platforms/fields will automatically appear on your store page. If you leave a field blank, that will not appear on your store page.

Click on “View Store” and see how it is looking.

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Now that you have setup your store, you are ready to add products and start selling.

Click on “Products” in your Dashboard and the click on “Add Product


You’ll see the screen below. Please pay close attention to the screen and take note of the instructions mentioned against different fields. The important things to remember include:

  1. When setting Product prices in the dashboard – Remember to put prices INCLUSIVE of GST.
  2. You can choose as many categories for your product as you think reasonable.
  3. You can enter shipping costs for individual products (for heavy and bulky items only). Any shipping price information entered here will override the shipping price entered at the store level (above).
  4. Because your product’s shipping cost is shown Ex-GST in the shipping tab under your product, it is important that you include shipping price inclusive of GST in your product description.


Please contact us at, should you need help or have any questions. 

Welcome aboard OIP again – HAPPY SELLING!!